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An on-premise data center refers to a major data processing facility physically located on a site owned (or leased) by the organization that is serviced by the data center. A lot of customers around the globe prefer to have their IT infrastructure with them or with their trusted partners who have been with them for decades. These customers are not very comfortable to allow another vendor to handle their infrastructure for them and they are at times not confident on a newer technology trend. Hence they prefer to continue with the on-premise infrastructure. In other cases, a few organizations have made huge investments in the physical hardware and are not flexible at the moment to switch to a cloud set-up until the services contract or the support contract ends. The plan of migrating to the cloud may be in their future agenda, but for now, they prefer to go on with the on-premise servers for the next few cycles. We have also seen a few examples of customers who cannot afford a downtime window to plan and make the migration to the cloud. This downtime window simply does not suit their business interests in a critical situation. In such cases, the migration plans will have to be parked for a few more months. In all these cases, we, the Syscaliber Team have the expertise to support the servers/applications that reside on the traditional on-premise datacenters. The administration, management and the support services provided for these infrastructures are customizable to the business needs of the customer. This approach highlights our vision of going the extra mile to render delightful services to our customers.